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Tom Clancy's the division is an open world role playing game set in a third person setting. The game is set in new York following a tactical team who are trying to save society.

Many cities across the united states have been hit by a devastating pandemic and chaos ensues, in a matter of days society collapses without food or water.



A smallpox pandemic has spread across the United States transmitted on banknotes.

As you play your mission is to investigate the source of the virus, as you progress through the game you team up with other division agents. You will also gain experience points and currency which you can use to to upgrade and customise your weapons and appearance. You complete missions to to learn new skills and talents.

You will have to negotiate weather conditions and the time of day will also affect your game. You will have a gas mask that you will need to use to protect yourself against the virus. As well as having issues with the time of day and the weather you will also have to fight against hostile groups who are using the crisis to their own advantage.

This game is powered by the new snowdrop engine.


  • PS4 and Xbox One
  • Multiplayer
  • Powered by the next gen snowdrop engine


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