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Total War: Rome II is a strategy game for the PC, it is the eighth game in the popular Total War series. And successor to 2004’s Total War: Rome.

Total War: Rome II returns in its second instalment waiting for you to build your armies, and control tens of thousands of soldiers on the the battlefield. Visit exotic cities as you battle on land and sea.



Total War: Rome II focuses on the culture of each era and is as accurate and in depth as it can possibly be, unlike Total War Rome which focused only on the The Roman republic.

The game aims to bring out the human side of war so you can see how people react to what is going on around them, how the soldiers react and the facial features of the people in order to make the battles feel more real.

You can dominate your enemies by your military powers, or by political and economic means. Its your choice as to how you rule, you can rule as a dictator or you can save the republic. You can betray your friends but look out they may betray you too. You will experience real time combat.


  • PC
  • Total War series
  • Strategy game


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