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Vehicle based carnage is back! Contestants are invited to enter calypso’s famous twisted metal tournament every year, the tournament is held by a lunatic in his penthouse office.

The contestants have been invited from all over the world to compete It is a fight to the death with only one winner the ultimate goal of survival.



Calypso loves chaos and destruction, but what he loves the most is Death! However someone is tracking Calypso and is getting ready to strike back.

There are many playable characters in this game. There’s Sweet tooth who is a vicious murderer joining the tournament to find his missing daughter,

Mr. Grimm who is a criminal who lost his father in a stunt accident and then there’s Dollface a former runway model who is trying to get her looks

back after a minor disfigurement to her face. Each of these characters has a background story.

The game focuses on multiplayer combat, and has 4 player split screen. 16 online players.


  • PS3
  • Online multiplayer
  • New weapons and vehicles


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