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The Nintendo Wii is the definitive 21st century party game. Forget the boxed board games, Nintendo Wii allows you to play wirelessly with up to 4 other players. Sounds familiar? Well, here is the Nintendo Wii's ace in the hat, the Nintendo wii features an innovative way of interacting with the game. The Nintendo wii's wiimote (resembling a regular tv remote) is used together with a nunchuk attachment. You then control the Nintendo Wii through a series of gestures and hand movements.



The Wii is a brilliant console and very unobtrusive, it hardly takes up any space as is it approximately the size of 3 stacked DVD cases. The wiimote is great too as you do not need wires hooked up to the Wii, older consoles were a pain as you needed to sit close to the console, but with the Wiimote you have much more freedom.

Nintendo have some games only for the Wii, Wii sports, Wii fit & Wii sports resort. These games are brilliant for the whole family or even better if you are having a party, everyone has to get involved.

In a lot of the games you can use your mii’s to play the game, you can make them look like you or you can even make them look like someone else.

All Wii’s have the ability to connect to the internet so you can play games with your friends or you can browse the internet to see what games you are going to buy next.

Wii parents is helpful for you to keep a track of what your child is playing, you can restrict access to some channels.

You can play old gamecube games on the Wii too, if you kept your old controller and memory cards.


  • The Wii is easy to use for all ages.
  • Innovative motion controls.
  • Internet connectivity.
  • Can also play old gamecube games.
  • Also available in black.


Stuff: 100

cnet: 80

By: Adele
April 27, 2011 10:30 pm

I have the wii and really love it, but it could do to be so much better.

The controller doesn't work if its too warm or if its a bit sunny, so some games are near impossible.
But some games work brilliantly, Mario cart is one of the best I have for it as I can play it with my children, and most people with a wii have it so you can take your wheels to a friends and play with them too.

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