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World of warcraft is possibly one of the most popular massive multi-playing online role playing games, with people playing all over the world. In this latest installment you will meet the Pandaren, a peace loving race who have had a difficult history.

The pandaren are a new playable Race introduced in world of warcraft Mists of Pandaria and all they want is a safe and peaceful home.



The pandaren protect themselves using mrtial arts. They developed the skills after living under the rule of Mogu who banned the use of weapons in order to control them.

The pandaren have been hidden for ten thousand years but after the events of world of warcraft cataclysm a few of the bravest have decided to join up with either the alliance or the horde to share their martial arts secrets with the world. You can learn the secrets of the pandaren marital arts to do battle.

The pandaren being a neutral race means that you will need to make a decision whether to side with the alliance or with the Horde, once you make that decision you will be treated like any other member of your faction, once you decide it is not reversible so you need to make a wise decision. (Although you can use the faction change service but this will cost real money, so the best option is to choose wisely)


  • PC
  • New playable race
  • New levels


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