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XCOM Enemy Unknown focuses on the international response to an alien invasion set on modern day earth, you will take on the role of commander of a top secret XCOM project. XCOM is an elite scientific and military organization.

XCOM Enemy Unknown has been remade for the new generation consoles, it is based on the series from the 1990’s games it is a remake of the 1994 game XCOM UFO defense.



XCOM Enemy Unknown will focus on strategy gameplay, you are in control of XCOM you have to defend earth against a terrifying invasion of aliens, you have to research the alien technology, and you get to manage a fully operational base and plan your missions and control soldiers.

You can customize your soldiers and upgrade their suits and amour.

The ground combat is third person pesrpective and the player controls a squad of between four and six human soldiers or your robotic units.

There is a multiplayer mode for tactical one on one battles.


  • Xbox 360, PS3
  • Multiplayer


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