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Zumba is the latest dance workout craze sweeping the world. All over the country there are classes popping up. Now Zumba is available for the Xbox 360, the ps3 and the Wii. Your instructor is on screen and you have to mirror what they are doing, if you are correct the instructor stays green, if not it goes to amber then red! It takes you through step by step to lean all the moves and become a Zumba pro. This is loads of fun and the Latin music is great too.



With the game you can go at your own pace and can stop for a while if you need to. It doesn’t feel like a workout because you are having so much fun. If you can keep your instructor green you accrue more points.

There are set workouts, ranging from 20 mins up to 45 mins, if you unlock the intermediate workouts it opens up the advanced ones.

There is a learn the steps section too. So before you do your workout you can lean what steps you are going to do, also the instructor is green, amber and red.


  • Available for all platforms, Wii, kinect and ps3
  • Fun ‘Friendly’ tutor.
  • Colour changes when you are immitating the steps correctly.
  • Latin music.


By: adele
May 3, 2011 3:36 pm

I wanted to go to a zumba class but I didn't want to make a fool of myself so I tried the demo for the kinect and loved it. My husband bought it for me as a present and I haven't stopped playing it since. It doesn't matter if I make a fool of my self in my living room.

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